-Giggles an takes a picture on her phone- Beautiful~

-Reaches for his hand dragging him into the truck, take away the bunny ears an putting em on Air.-

Thank you~

Here, for your troubles.

-gives him a quick kiss on the lips-

No their my bunny ears -takes them back and puts them back on- they where given to me by a bunch of horny old fat ladies. 

-smiles at her after the kiss- Thanks i needed that.
Now…time to go home and sleep and die…-takes his keys from air puts them into the ignition.- 



Nope nope nope, denied, lemme take a picture. 

-Sits in the way looking back at him-


-siighs- -crawls back and poses- 

-rolls her eyes- Okay okay, I’m taking a picture of you though. Look pretty cute in bunny ears haha

Nooo no photos. Let me in the front. -claws at the window-

Keys? They're gone. This is why teen drinking is very, very bad.

Sssh i’m sire there just in the club i’ll go back and look for them.Oh never mind. Hey Air….take me home.

Hey girl, lemme see you shake what your mama gave ya~

….-pulls out his wallet and shakes the change inside-

*gives you mardi gras beads*

Where are my car keys.

those are some hot bewbs

Happy easter world chuck out my titties.

Where are you?

In the back of my truck in the middle of a firkken street! there are people going by looking at my boobies. 

You look amazing with those bunny ears and kiss on mark on your cheek :3

I got attacked by a passing hen night party. 

Oh my god…my head…I think my shirts given up on life.

Oh my god…my head…

I think my shirts given up on life.


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