you look rly nice tho

I always do. 

Farewell sexy white hair, i’ll see you again in a few days. 

Farewell sexy white hair, i’ll see you again in a few days. 

art asdhsud i hate having all black hair now it makes my face look wide

Honey we’re home! 
Hi mum!
Hey Penny~ 
How have you been sorry we where gone for so lon-what happened to your leg?
….I kinda…slipped in the shower and broke my ankle. 
Shush you.
Goodness Charlie we leave you alone for a few weeks and you broke your ankle. Are we going to have to get you a baby sitter next time?
Muuummm i’m 18.
I don’t need a babysitter.

I can’t, that’s just….wow

B( i hate you.



I deserve a medal.

You really do. -applauds- Congratz Nyx you are the only girl i really know who hasn’t seen my penis. Hats off to you m’lady. 

man you must of damaged your ankle realy bad to be layed up this bad. at least your healing. that's a good thing right? also Chinese food is not that bad

Well yeah i broke it. And yeah that’s a good thing, why would that not be a good thing. I get my cast of on the 18th of August i cannot wait. 

so how have you been dude having fun yet

What would i possibly be having fun with? the fact i still cant walk? I’m on my firth chinese this week…actually that’s not a bad thing.

Supreme Court finds you guilty of accidental terrible puns. Your sentence 80 years


Im… wow.

Don’t you judge me for my puns.

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