What? My dads called Robert? 

…………..I don’t think you are who I think you are.

8) I’m a bunny. 


But my names Charlie


….you’re named you after your dad?

What? My dads called Robert? 

Sweetheart...your daddy's never coming back. He's been gone for a real long time.

Of course he is! He always comes back. Sometimes he just takes longer than other trips. The stores really far away sometimes he’s gone for two days…or well sure feels like two days. 

You're a little young to be able to look after yourself.

No no. I do it all the time! Sometimes dad takes ages at the store. 

Why do you seem to think I'mma hurt you? Do I need a name tag that says "Hi, I'm the sitter!" on it?

Cause dad told me t’never trust strangers when i’m alone in the house. Also i don’t need a sitter i can look after myself. 

-holds up a McDonald's bag- How about some McNuggies?

NO! Lucky charms.
-climbs off the counter with his bowl of cereal and teturns to the sofa- 8) 

~Sneaks through the kitchen and leaves a jumbo box of Lucky Charms on the table~

-picks it up and puts it in the bin-
Yah shouldn’t eat food strangers give you.
-gets another box out the cupboard- 

Mmm…. -YAAWWWWNNNNN-Man dad still ain’t home. :( 
TIME FOR BREAKFAST! i wan lucky charms! 

yes yes yes art



-squeals softly-

Wow! Yer so tall Charlie! Oh um if yer sleepy then ye should go lay down… do ye want me ta stay on the phone until ye get in a bed or sumthin?

I am!

Uh no it’s okay i think i’m gonna go sleep on the sofa and wait fur me dad…it takes me a while t’ get down stairs. And i’m gonna leave the phone in the smelly room, so bye bye Air it was nice talkin’ t’you.

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